Premium Meeting Rooms for Perfect Event Organisation

Explore our meeting rooms equipped with partitioning options and the latest technology, perfect for seminars, workshops, and intimate banquets.

At our modern congress and banquet center, we proudly offer premium meeting rooms tailored to various needs. Whether you’re planning seminars, workshops, or intimate banquets, our versatile spaces are designed to exceed your expectations. Let’s delve into the features and advantages of our premium meeting rooms.

Premium Room Specifications

Size: 180 m²

Our premium meeting room boasts a spacious area spanning 180 square meters. Equipped with high-speed WLAN and cutting-edge ceiling-mounted LCD projectors, it ensures crystal-clear content display. With two built-in projection screens measuring 2×2 meters, your presentations will be impactful. The room is climate-controlled, allowing temperature adjustments for maximum comfort. Moreover, soundproofing guarantees tranquility and focus. Indirect and direct lighting fixtures create a conducive atmosphere, while built-in floor boxes grant easy access to essential internet and power connections.

Premium I, Premium II, Premium III

Divided into three distinct sections—Premium I, Premium II, and Premium III—each room offers comfort and functionality for smaller events. Spanning 55 m² each, they feature WLAN connectivity, ceiling-mounted LCD projectors, and two integrated 2×2-meter projection screens. These rooms are climate-controlled, enabling personalized temperature settings. Sound isolation and ambient lighting create optimal conditions for productivity and event success. Integrated floor boxes ensure all connectivity needs are met seamlessly.

Premium I + II Combination

For larger gatherings, the combination of Premium I and Premium II rooms is the ideal choice. With a combined area of 110 m², this setup provides ample space to expand your activities. Equipped with the same amenities as individual rooms, including WLAN, ceiling-mounted LCD projectors, 2×2-meter projection screens, adjustable climate control, soundproofing, and ambient lighting, it ensures a seamless event experience. Integrated floor boxes cater to all necessary connections, facilitating smooth event execution.

Why Choose Our Premium Meeting Rooms?

Our premium meeting rooms are the epitome of professionalism and functionality. With flexible configurations and comprehensive amenities, we guarantee that your seminars, workshops, or intimate banquets will be executed flawlessly. Contact us today for detailed information and reserve your space for your next event.

Reserve a premium meeting room today and host a successful event at our hotel!