Facial treatments for women and men

Give your face that special glow

Treat yourself to pleasant moments of relaxation in the Aristos Hotel’s wellness & spa center and give your face a special shine and revitalization with specially designed treatments adapted for women and men.

HYDRA BOOST > 60 min / HRK 450.00 / €59.72
Treatment intended for all skin types. Give your skin the hydration it needs, restore its shine and give your face care without compromise. The treatment includes complete care with a peeling mask, application of the appropriate Babor ampoule and facial massage.

ANTI AGE GRAND CRUE > 60 min / 500.00 Kn / 66.36€
Damask rose, hyaluronic acid and argan oil are always synonyms for extravagance and luxury. A treatment intended for every skin that regenerates, refines and gives it a special natural glow.

HSR Lifting Treatment (High Skin Refiner) > 75 min / HRK 750.00 / €99.54
Anti-aging treatment makes the skin tighter, fuller, smoothes wrinkles and restores its tone.

STOP STRESS CALMING > 60 min / HRK 450.00 / €59.72
A treatment intended for tired skin that calms the skin, restores shine and a youthful appearance. The treatment includes peeling, mask and facial massage.

ASK FOR MORE BY BABOR > 30 min / 200.00 Kn / 26.54€
Hydration, Collagen booster or SOS skin calming

GLOW BY BABOR > 30 min / HRK 150.00 / €19.90
Ask for more BY BABOR… Transform your skin with powerful Babor ampoules created for the needs of every skin type. (Hydration, Collagen booster, SOS calming…)

SEACREATION > 90 min / HRK 1,350 / €179.18
An exclusive treatment in which, thanks to ingredients from the deepest levels of the sea and a special method, the skin is tightened, toned, full and smooth.