Facial treatments for women and men

Unleash That Special Glow

Indulge in relaxing moments at the wellness & spa center of the Aristos hotel and treat your face to a special glow and revitalization with specially designed treatments tailored for both women and men.

HYDRA BOOST > 60 min / €75

A treatment designed for all skin types. Provide your skin with the necessary hydration, restore its glow, and provide uncompromising care to your face. The treatment includes complete care with exfoliating mask, application of the appropriate Babor ampoule, and facial massage.

ANTI AGE GRAND CRUE > 60 min / €90

Damask rose, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil are always synonymous with extravagance and luxury. A treatment designed for every skin type that regenerates, enriches, and gives it a special natural glow.

HSR Lifting Treatment (High Skin Refiner) > 75 min / €130

An anti-aging treatment that tightens the skin, plumps it up, smoothes wrinkles, and restores its tone.

STOP STRESS CALMING > 60 min / €75

A treatment designed for tired skin that calms the skin, restores its glow, and youthful appearance. The treatment includes exfoliation, mask, and facial massage.

ASK FOR MORE BY BABOR > 30 min / €45

Hydration, Collagen booster, or SOS skin soothing.

SEACREATION > 90 min / €180

An exclusive treatment in which, thanks to ingredients from the deepest levels of the sea and a special method, achieves skin tightness, tone, fullness, and smoothness.