Spa oasis

Treat your body with a true wellness spa experience

Treat your body to a real wellness spa experience in Zagreb! The Aristos Wellness & spa center in Zagreb provides a relaxing environment where you can take advantage of the benefits of the bio sauna, steam sauna (Turkish sauna) and hydromassage bath every day.

Spa zone

Aristos SPA Oasis encompasses a bio-sauna, steam bath, infrared sauna, experience showers, whirlpool, and a relax zone. SPA – short for the Latin expression ‘SANUS PER AQUAM’, translates to HEALTH THROUGH WATER. Relax and enjoy the spa zone benefits.

  • Price per person: 60 mins / 20,00 € / 150,69 Kn
  • Every additional hour: 10 € / 75,35 Kn / per person

Steam / Turkish sauna

Temperature: 40 °C – 60 °C, Humidity: 100 %

Steam sauna or Turkish sauna is one of the oldest forms of relaxing and cleansing your body. It improves circulation, opens skin pores, cleanses the skin which hence assumes a youthful, gentle and soft appearance. The high level of humidity in the Turkish sauna and natural essential oils scented air favorably affect airways. Staying in a steam sauna contributes to deep physical and mental relaxation, and a sense of harmony.

A recommended stay in a sauna means: one sauna cycle lasts between 10 to 15 minutes, cooling off and taking a 20 minutes break between each sauna cycle is mandatory. Two to a max three sauna cycles (entering the sauna facility) are recommended.

A Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is suitable for all people except small children and babies and people with serious health problems such as heart disease or open wounds on the body. The temperature of the Finnish sauna is from 70°C to 90°C, while humidity is achieved by pouring water over hot stones.

Strong detoxification effect – the sauna stimulates sweating and stimulates the skin to excrete harmful substances from the body that accumulate from food, cosmetics and pollution in the environment.

Anti-stress effect on the mind – saunas also calm people who are exposed to a stressful environment every day because they encourage the body to first relax the tension in the body, stimulate digestion and then heal.

It balances hormones – due to the reduction of stress hormones (cortisol), the Finnish sauna ensures the balance of all other hormones and stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete aldosterone, which is responsible for the regulation of electrolytes.

They help with muscle pain – saunas are especially recommended for people who do sports professionally because they relax the muscles and help with faster recovery from injuries and strains.

Reduces flu and colds – research shows that regular trips to the sauna reduce susceptibility to colds and flu by as much as 30%.

They improve circulation and the appearance of the skin – due to improved circulation, the skin will also look better because every cell in the body will receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen.

Whirlpool – hydro massage

Aristos Spa Zone whirlpool is equipped with hydro and air nozzles for hydro massage, and may be simultaneously used by up to four persons. Whirlpool hydro massage is a natural form of massage where water is utilized to perform the massage.

It is recommended as an extremely efficient manner of releasing tension, relaxing the muscles, provoking organism detox, encouraging circulation and giving a feeling of relaxation and harmony.

The use of the SPA zone is not allowed for persons under the age of 18