Hotel Aristos

Wellness Spa body rituals


This relaxing full body and mind spa treatment is inspired by traditional Japanese methods. You will enjoy in gentle skin exfoliation followed by relaxing moment in sauna and body massage with pressure point stimulation.
Duration: 75 min
Price: 450,00 kn

ESSENTIAL DRAIN SPA RITUAL / full body treatment

This treatment does the trick in cases of poor circulation, puffiness and water retention. It helps relieve the sensation of sluggishness and swollen legs plus it is excellent against edematous cellulite. Treatments are done in treatment session and includes massage 45 min and 15 min infra red sauna.
Duration: 60 min
Price: 380,00 kn


This massage will take everyone who loves Mediterranean’s scents and benefits into that world. Aimed at better preparing the skin for a relaxing body massage, the treatment begins with specially prepared exfoliation to regain skin smoothness. Massage oils used contain essences of the Mediterranean to refresh, repair and nourish the skin; rekindling the memories of sea breeze.
Duration: 1h 15 min
Price: 390,00 kn

DELICIOUS SCRUB / full body exfoliation

Exfoliation is recommended as the first step of skin care; unavoidable since it removes the surface dead skin cells layer, contributes to the skin feeling smooth, and prepares it for subsequent treatments. It yields a look of healthy, luminous and fresh skin, and may be done as a stand-alone treatment or as part of other face and body treatments. After exfoliation, the skin remains noticeably soft, hydrated and nourished.
Duration: 20 min
Price: 120,00 kn