Hotel Aristos

Wellness massage


You can enjoy in a four hands massage in which two therapists work at the same time on you using synchronized moves. A four hands massage offers you unique experience of two full body massages at the same time. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who needs true experience of body relaxation and revitalization.
Duration: 50 min
Price: 450,00 kn

ZEN massage

A combination of various Ayurvedic techniques. Zen massage is a classical Ayurvedic technique placing emphasis on warm oil that has an outstandingly relaxing effect on joints and tissues, and acts upon one's physical and psychological conditions. Through rhythmic movements, together with the music, the therapist acts to ease the stress and release negative energy.
Duration: 60 min
Price: 340,00 kn


This massage is meant for everyone who loves luxury and true enjoyment. A combination of the best massage techniques is employed to treat painful, tense points, to promote circulation and body revitalization. After relaxing the body, comes a harmonizing facial massage that further relaxes facial muscles and restores skin tone.
Duration: 1h 30 min
Price: 450,00 Kn


Aroma ROYAL massage is a body massage performed with the use of essential oils; in a pleasant ambience, alongside relaxing music, peace and quiet, you can relax and surrender to the fragrances of essential oils so that the effect of the treatment would be even more profound. The scents of essential oils have a strong effect on emotions and the spirit, as well as having an impact on specific organs, tissues and systems within a person's organisms. Aroma ROYAL massage is an excellent way to treat specific problems like stress, fatigue, tension, muscle pains; and essential oils have an „energy“ component of its activity. We have prepared four different combinations of essential oils for you with diverse functions so that you can choose the one that suits you best:

  • DE-STRESS AROMA ROYAL / chamomile, lavender, rose, frankincense, citronella
    Anti-stress massage with a rather light pressure intended for relaxation.

  • CELLUTOX AROMA ROYAL / lemon, juniper berry, ivy, fennel, grapefruit
    Body detox massage.

  • ACHING Muscle AROMA ROYAL / rosemary, cypress, pine, citronella, vetiver
    Ideal after strenuous sports activities, for sore and stiff muscles.

  • SOLE DELIGHT AROMA ROYAL / bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lavandin, rose, geranium, myrrh
    Massage that provides a comprehensive feeling of peace and well-being.

Duration: 50 min
Price: 290,00 kn