Hotel Aristos

Therapeutic massage

It is important to make reservation on time regarding to special massage techniques that require certified massage therapists


A unique blend of stretching and deep sports full body massage with strong massage strokes that stimulate metabolism in the body, contribute to improved flexibility and elasticity of the joints, release fatigue and promote circulation in the muscles. A customized blend of essential oils enhances the effect of massage. It is intended for athletes and any person active in sports.

Duration: 60 min Duration: 75 min
Price: 360,00 kn Price: 400,00 kn


Do you spend most of your time behind a computer or the steering wheel of a car? Are you getting enough exercise? Living under constant daily stress? Your back feels tense and painful? An efficient back therapy massage can help. The therapy ends in special massage movements whereby spreading a high concentration of meticulously selected essential oils for achieving a lasting effect of relaxation; likewise a warm compress is applied so as to reach complete detoxification and assist flushing the accumulated lactic acid from the muscles.
Duration: 30 min
Price: 180,00 kn

SWEDISH massage

This technique was developed by doctor Lang, a strong and deep pressure is applied here; it is very efficient in encouraging oxygenation of blood and release of metabolites such as lactic acid from our tissues and muscles. Its effect is reached by means of a combination of light touch, rubbing, pressure and tapping techniques. Beginning with light effleurage that makes muscles relax, and then the strokes become stronger and prepare the body for more forceful procedures.
Duration: 50 min
Price: 280,00 kn