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Hand and foot care


Reflexology is an ancient healing skill based on the principle of stimulating reflex micro zones on the human body that reflect the state of the entire organism. Reflex areas are found on feet, ears, hands, tongue, and head. Most commonly, reflexology is applied to the feet and palms by stimulating specific zones. Human feet and palms are in fact divided into zones that, on a small scale, represent the entire organism - bearing in mind that the right hand side organs are represented on the right, while the left hand side organs are represented on the left foot. Reflexology is a science of curing and healing believing that there is vital energy running on specific routes (meridians) through the whole body protruding each and every of the organism's living cells. When that energy is blocked, stimulating reflex zones by applying pressure (acupressure) may reveal where in the body, or in which organ, has that block occurred. Massaging a particular zone “clears” the energy block; that particular organ’s balance is restored, whilst blood and lymph fluid flows are normalized. Apart for assisting to resolve health issues (headache, psychosomatic difficulties, diabetes, blood pressure problems…), reflexology is used for relaxation purposes, to alleviate stress, enhance concentration and improve body’s total energy potential.


At this day and age, manicure, hand and nail care have become imperative for any woman, but increasingly even for every conscious man who bestows care upon his looks and the general impression he leaves behind. The treatment is concluded with a pleasant palm massage.
Duration: 45 min
Price: 180,00 kn


Duration: 45 min
Price: 200,00 kn