Relaxing massages at the Wellness & Spa Center Aristos Zagreb

Hotel Aristos

Hand and foot care


At this day and age, manicure, hand and nail care have become imperative for any woman, but increasingly even for every conscious man who bestows care upon his looks and the general impression he leaves behind.
Duration: 30 min
Price: 135,00 kn

Spa manicure

Spa treatment commences with a relaxing essential oils bath, followed by hand skin exfoliation, manicure, and then a rich, nourishing cream or regenerative mask is applied. Once we have enriched and softened the hands, we will treat and shape your nails, apply nail polish if you wish or protect them with nail enamel that serves to strengthen the nails. The ritual is concluded with a pleasant massage.
Duration: 50 min
Price: 185,00 kn

Nail polishing

Price: 25,00 kn

PN- ProNails Innovation with SOPOLISH products – NEW*

Do you have damaged,  weakened, brittle nails in desperate need of a restorative therapy for stronger and healthy nails?
PN- ProNails innovation with Sopolish products makes them stronger and healthier.  With this  sem-permanent nail polish you can enjoy in 2 weeks of beautifully coloured nails, combined with a protecting and nourishing nails therapy at the same time.  No more cracking, peeling or tearing your natural nails. It applies easily like nail polish, cures very fast under LED light and is quickly removed by soak-off or peel-off with no damage to the natural nail. It gives extra strength to the nail and has an everlasting shine.

Duration: 90 min
Price:        305,00 Kn
*The price includes: full SPA manicure, Vital Nails serum, Vital nail skin and nail polish

Duration: 60 min
Price:        230,00 Kn
*The price includes mini manicure, Vital Nails serum, Vital nail skin and nail polish

SHELLAC / permanent nail polish

Beautifully formed and manicured nails are an important addition to our appearance hence virtually every woman longs for fast, efficient and lasting results of nail polishing. Since permanent gel unfortunately does not suit all nails and permanently damages them considering that in the course of each treatment the entire natural nail plate has to be filed down, CND decided to produce as natural permanent nail polish as possible. Shellac is a patent-protected innovation that contains UV3 technology which is a combination of simple polish, yet resilient like gel; no filing, no drilling, no soaking. Why is Shellac different from everything you have ever tried before? Shellac technology enables the nail to breathe through small channels in the polish; active nutrients that have been added to the polish nourish, moisturize and protect nails from damage. Easily applied, gel-permanent and easily removed. It guarantees 14 days high gloss shine, can be applied over gel and just as easily removed. The entire manicure and nail polishing process lasts a mere 30 minutes, while the removal takes 10. Say goodbye to long nail polish dry time; it is resistant immediately after application, hence it is won't chip, peel or become otherwise damaged. With Shellac, nails become more resistant and harder, regardless whether fingers or toes are at stake, and the coat is natural and thin. Get rid of the frustrations you lived through when polishing your nails and enjoy 15 modern shares in only 30 min of GEL POLISHING. In only 20 min you can have fabulous nails in the shades you prefer that will be embellishing your hands for over 14 days. Quick, cost-efficient and effective… in sum, perfect!
Duration: 20 to 30 min
Price: 120,00 kn

Manicure & SHELLAC / permanent nail polish

Duration: 50-60 min
Price: 255,00 kn – 15% = 216,75 Kn

Aesthetic Pedicure

Any modern woman and man wish to have manicured nails, including both fingers and toes, so relax and trust our expert therapists with the care of your feet.
Duration: 45 min
Price: 160,00 kn

Spa Pedicure

Spa pedicure ritual is especially envisioned so as to present you with a royal treatment that will have a relaxing effect on you, that will prepare your feet for a new day, and that will make you feel magnificent. The beginning of this spa ritual is a relaxing and revitalizing essential oils bath; it is followed by foot scrub, removing calluses and performing cuticle work, trimming the nails, applying butter or lotion to nourish your feet. Once the feet skin care is treated, what follows is the application of, as preferred, protective nail enamel and fortifier or nail polishing. The ritual is concluded with a pleasant massage.
Duration: 60 min
Price: 220,00


FRESH FOOT / treatment for soothing swollen and tired feet

After a tiresome journey, give your tired feet a true wellness treatment. The treatment starts with light lymph drainage; and rich essential oils are employed to prompt fluid elimination. It moves on with a mask for the feet and legs to then finally apply a rich cooling gel.
Duration: 30 min
Price: 180,00 kn